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Signature Looks

We ask certain men of note about their personal look and style.

Michael Hallinger - Tintinfellow

Michael is a lifelong fan of Hergé's Tintin and has a large and dedicated following on Instagram with the username of “Tintin Fellow”. Michael is a professional gardener with a perennial passion for sartorial style.

Jon Barrett-Danes

We visited potter, Jon Barrett-Danes at his busy workshop in Hampshire. Ceramics have been in Jon's family for five generations. Captivated by animal forms, a sense of humour and a keen observation of nature, are the driving forces behind his figurative creations.

Peter Cocks

Where Kent’s North Downs drop into the English Channel, like the more publicised Margate, Folkestone is a South East England coastal town that attracts a wealth of ex-Londoners who want the cultural vibrancy without the sprawl, the pollution, and the sky-high prices. With streets that are bursting with colour, a thriving creative community, and a wealth of options for arts, and entertainment, it’s easy to see why Peter ended up here.

Max Alderton

Hove (“actually”) seafront is essentially Brighton without the hordes of seasonal tourists, making it perfect for a lesser-populated summer amble or beach barbecue with friends, as well as a bracing winter walkies with one’s four-legged best friend. That’s where you’ll find Maxwell Alderton most days, with his miniature poodle Pip.

Signature Looks

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