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Casual Waistcoats

Casual Waistcoats

Not just for formal wear, a colourful Peter Christian casual men’s waistcoat can smarten up your casual to great effect. And they will keep you warm to boot, with knitted Italian merino, merlin moleskin and suede variations available, as well as woven Tattersall lambswool and cotton canvas. Bag one today!

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17 Items
  • Men's Dark Red Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Red Merino Wool Waistcoat

    Red Merino Waistcoat

    2 for £130
  • Men's Purple Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Navy Blue Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Leaf Green Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Lead Grey Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Gold Yellow Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Light Blue Merino Wool Waistcoat
  • Men's Doe Beige Merino Wool Waistcoat

    Doe Merino Waistcoat

    2 for £130
  • Men's Tan Suede Waistcoat
  • Men's Green Suede Waistcoat
  • Men's Green Moleskin Waistcoat
  • Men's Blue Merlin Moleskin Waistcoat
  • Men's Red Merlin Moleskin Waistcoat
  • Men's Mustard Yellow Moleskin Waistcoat
  • Men's Tan Beige Brown Moleskin Waistcoat
  • Men's Yellow Tattersall Check Wool Waistcoat

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