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Jeans have come a long way in 150 years, from blue collar work clothing to symbol of youth rebellion, to cross-generational global ubiquity. Peter Christian covers all angles with stylish men’s jeans cut in a range of fabrics, including needle cord, chino, moleskin and drill cotton. And, of course, classic blue denim.

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27 Items
  • Model wears Burgundy Velveteen Jeans
  • Men's Navy Blue Velvet Jeans

    Navy Velveteen Jeans

    2 for £100
  • Men's Green Velvet Jeans
  • Men's Brown Velvet Jeans
  • Men's Tan Brown Drill Jeans

    Tan Drill Jeans

    2 for £80
  • Men's Pine Green Drill Jeans

    Pine Drill Jeans

    2 for £80
  • Men's Stone Drill Jeans

    Stone Drill Jeans

    2 for £80
  • Men's Navy Blue Drill Jeans

    Navy Drill Jeans

    2 for £80
  • Men's Mustard Yellow Drill Jeans
  • Men's Brick Red Drill Jeans

    Brick Drill Jeans

    2 for £80
  • Men's Toffee Brown Jeano Trousers

    Toffee Jeano

    2 for £90
  • Men's Ocean Green Jeano Trousers

    Ocean Jeano

    2 for £90
  • Men's Sand Brown Jeano Trousers

    Sand Jeano

    2 for £90
  • Men's Nantucket Pink Jeano Trousers

    Nantucket Jeano

    2 for £90
  • Men's Azure Blue Jeano Trousers

    Azure Jeano

    2 for £90
  • Men's Dark Green Moleskin Jeans
  • men's red Moleskin Jeans
  • Men's Green Moleskin Jeans

    Loden Moleskin Jeans

    2 for £110
  • Men's Dark Blue Moleskin Jeans
  • Men's Black Cord Jeans
  • Men's Indigo Blue Needle Cord Jeans
  • Men's Gold Yellow Cord Jeans
  • Men's Green Cord Jeans
  • Men's Red Brown Needle Cord Jeans
  • Navy Blue Lightweight Spandex Denim Jeans
  • Men's Classic Blue Denim Jeans
  • Men's White Drill Jeans

    White Drill Jeans

    2 for £80

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