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Our Nightshirt is a firm favourite with men, women and indeed our own staff! Invented by 16th century nobility, and, apart from invading France, possibly the only lasting mark they have left on history. If you think the traditional nightshirt to be a little ‘Wee Willie Winkie’, well - you’d be correct, but I can assure you that Wee Willie Winkie, after agitatedly ensuring all the children were indeed in their beds, had night-after-night of incredibly restful, not-to-mention comfortable sleep. We urge every man to try one of our 100% cotton nightshirts. You’ll soon concur that they have a place in your wardrobe as well as a place in history.

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Traditional Flannel Nightshirt with Night Cap
or 2 for £50
Awning Stripe Summer Nightshirt
or 2 for £60

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2 Item(s)