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Of Advice
Approved, verified and appropriate instructions
with regards to cleaning and care of your
Trousers, Woollens, Nightwear and Footwear.

Pass to your housekeeper for retention.



“In the search for sartorial excellence my buying team has travelled the globe - hunting high and low for the best garments, footwear and accessories. With nearly 80 years combined experience in menswear there isn’t much they don’t know. So, being the generous types that they are, they’ve agreed to share with me some of their knowledge. I pass it on to you now.”






Don’t panic!
If washed carefully (following the care instructions) your woolly jumpers should last well and keep their shape. All of our Merino knits are machine washable but keep it cool (no more than 40º) and choose the wool cycle. Now, to bobbling - all wools will bobble (pill) to start with, a gentle shave will sort that out and keep your jumper looking soft and smart.




On arrival at your home, your new Peter Christian jacket or waistcoat’s pockets will be lightly sewn up. To un-pick, gently open the pocket in question, locate the tacking thread and carefully remove it with your fingers, a chop stick, an HB pencil or the arm of your reading specs.





Socks lose their partners in the washing machine - it’s one of life’s little mysteries! We could suggest buying all your socks in one colour but that would make life terribly dull! So take your chances with the machine and we’ll always have plenty in stock for when you need new pairs.




Don’t sleep tight!
All our snuggly brushed cotton nightwear is pre-shrunk, so will cause you no problems if washed according to the care instructions, but please DO NOT tumble dry or you’ll be giving your nightshirt to the kids!





On the rare occasion that a button may fall off your garment and you don’t have the spares (most of our garments are supplied with spare buttons), we are more than happy to send you a replacement. We also keep a stock of spare collar bones for shirts and clips for braces.





Shoes with leather soles really are the last word in quality footwear – but beware!
The soles mark incredibly easily. To ensure that you can exchange or return them, try them on on carpet! If they are not the right fit, please return in both the boxes that they were sent in.




Excuse us for stating the obvious, but underwear that has been opened or tried on cannot be returned. The nice chaps at Jockey check all of their products prior to leaving the factory so faults are unlikely, but in the event that any item is less than tip top, then it will be replaced.




Wonderfully soft but hardwearing, your new Moleskin or Corduroy trousers will last a long, long time if given a little bit of love. When it comes to washing, choose that non-bio stuff, it will keep the colour brighter, longer. Turn them inside out and go for a cooler wash (max 40ºC). This will ensure a greater longevity in your trews. Keep them inside out for ironing. Not pressing the outer surface of the fabric will keep its pile nice and plump.
Alternatively get them dry cleaned, they come back ready ironed - hurrah!



Call our Customer Services on:
01273 492 287

Call our Customer Services on:
01273 492 287

For advice on sizes, fittings, fabrics and all general queries.
Open 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

You can also email us on:
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