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I'm still not sure about the red flashes - wouldn't dark blue have been better? - but it's very comfortable and has attracted favourable comments, pH
pH 16/07/2018
Good fit, although quite creased when I got it out of the box, but a good iron soon sorted them.
Clive Rippin 09/07/2018
Very smart looking product - it’s for a summer wedding initially. ???
James Clark 05/07/2018
I like the suit. Very lightweight, and less creasability than linen. Not exactly cheap, but not that expensive either. This is the second cotton suit that I've bough from them, which must tell you something.
Mike 27/06/2018
Great light weight summer suit, amazing fit for ‘ off the peg ‘ product. Will definitely be using P.C. Again
Jason Williams 24/06/2018

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