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Great product and good quality
Stephen Thomas 01/05/2019
Beautiful Summer weight Suit. Does it crease? Yes, but hang the jacket properly overnight and most of the creases fall out. I have a trouser press for the trousers, a 15 minute blast does the trick. But you just cannot beat the quality and comfort. Only one comment is that it is a treat as it is a bit on the expensive side, but I am re-training my mind to think quality and not quantity. Also Peter Christian is its own brand name so don't go looking for other Brand names here. I highly recommend the purchase of this suit. I like it so much I bought the fawn/beige one as well, and am now considering the new brown one.
Jonathan Chinn (Liverpool) 03/04/2019
Excellent quality and finish
Christopher Martindale 30/03/2019
Great quality and a great price and a perfect fit.
Peter Hill 01/02/2019
Very nice lightweight suit, and very fortunate to be able to buy such garment at this time of year.
Robert 29/10/2018

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