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Pleasant fabric and nice colors, but unfortunately the sizes 16 and 16.5 are combined and not available separately. The collar size L is a bit too wide for me and the size M (15/15.5) would probably be too tight, so L was the better choice.
Urs 06/09/2019
Nice shirt - just what I was looking for. Being above average height I find the length of the sides from arm to the hem surprisingly short and without hem gussets.
Customer 19/08/2019
Great to find a decent quality mans shirt that actually fits. Much better than high street stuff that’s never the size it’s ment to be . Plenty long enough to tuck in & stay in, decent room in the shoulder & neck & comes out of the washer the same size as it went in!!
lance 23/02/2019
Like the prodigal son, I have occasionally strayed from Peter Christian but when I return I feel the warm embrace of quality kit. The Tattersal (or however you spell it) shirt is a case in point. Buy one anywhere else and it's either too long, too short, too wide or too expensive. The Peter Christian shirt is a perfect length, that you can actually tuck in, decent sleeves, rather than skimped, and generally a nice fit. And I don't think you will buy a better value shirt with this level of good old fashioned English quality anywhere.
Alexander Stilwell 23/02/2019
Quality product
customer 14/02/2019

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