Winter Faux Pas: the Wrongs and Rights of Cold Weather dressing


01/03/2016 09:00


eople look to me for advice on matters sartorial and, given the enthusiastic response to my recent thoughts on winterwear clangers, I thought I'd give you the benefit of some more bons mots re. faux pas...

Downton Abbey

Weatherwear Quilted Jacket

Wrong! Snobby, social rules of Downton Abbey-wonks.

Right! The Weatherwear Quilted Jacket.

Country correctness.

WRONG! ‘Black in the Country’:

The snobby, social rules of Downton Abbey-wonks have of course faded with time and it is perfectly de rigueur to wear brown shoes in town. However, when I have chums down at the weekend, black, urban, synthetic fibres just look wrong amongst the verdant, bucolic surroundings of Trouser Towers.

RIGHT! The Weatherwear Quilted Jacket:

The international garment of country correctness is the green quilted paddock jacket. We’ve beefed it up with a fleece lining, zip and poppers. Detailed with two vents and embroidered collar pedigree detail, it is hardy, comfy and warm. And - for the really bloody-minded urbanites - I’ve done a town version in charcoal too!

Top Gear

Peter Christian Denim Jeans

Wrong! The worst jeans... in the world!

Right! Peter Christian Denim Jeans.

Parade in denim. 

WRONG! Boot Cut Jeans:

This aberration in the Department de Nimes, has never suited anyone. Too low in the waist, too short in the rise and too wide in the leg, it has the effect of enhancing love-handles, gut and buttock, while conversely shrinking cod-piece and highlighting weak knees or fat thighs. (See R. Hammond, J. May, J. Clarkson etc.)

RIGHT! Peter Christian Jeans:

Cut to the shape that has stood the test since Klondike Prospectors adopted the blue twill dungarees more than a century ago. Our classic denim gets better with age and is offered without excess industrial detail, other than the traditional riveted ‘watch pocket’.

Bad Hats

Peter Christian Haydock Hat

Wrong! The Bucket Hat. Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000).

Right! The Peter Christian Haydock Hat.

A tip o’ The hat.

WRONG! The 'bad' hat:

This might be a crumpled canvas thing, or a frayed, knitted bobble… or possibly even on of those fleece tea cosies that I believe are called ‘Beanies’ – make a bloke look like a gnome!

I can not believe what some men put on their heads during a cold snap, or to protect from the rain.

RIGHT! We are a nation of hatters:

First generation Elizabethans wore them by law. Consequently, we have a variety of styles, traditions and qualities from which to choose but, here’s a winter shortlist with which you can’t go wrong:

Classic ‘Haydock’ fur felt trilby, our new, wider “Vintage” flat cap, or for a continental touch our Laulhère traditional Basque Beret has been this Winter’s tip for the Top.

If you missed part one of my winter faux pas rules, then take a squizz here.


Lord T



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