Peter Christian Top 5 Panama Hat Wearers

Panama Hat: The Peter Christian Top 5 Wearers

07/08/2018 09:00

In this unexpectedly sun drenched summer it would be a wise choice to keep the sun off your brow, but no one wants a sweaty head! So I present to you the Panama Hat… Light, breathable and stylish, a Panama is ideal to keep the UV away. For your perusal, Peter Christian has assembled a list of five favourite top Panama wearers.

Anthony Hopkins Panama Hat

Photo Credit: YouTube

Anthony Hopkins & A Snap-Brim Panama

In Silence of the Lambs, Hopkins sports a Snap-Brim Panama. Paired with a white suit and a blue shirt it makes for a tasteful ensemble; pair with Liver, Fava Beans and a nice Chianti!

Sylvester McCoy Panama Hat

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sylvester McCoy & A Folder Panama Hat

Possibly the most eccentric of our famous Panama wearers, McCoy’s Doctor is rarely without one and McCoy wears them extensively off-screen too. His Panama changed throughout his time as the Doctor, some of them from his personal collection. Sporting a more adventurous ribbon than most, the style of Panama he was most seen in is closest to our Folder Panama.

Henry Blofeld

Well we couldn’t miss off our dear old thing, Henry Blofeld. Come the summer Blowers is never far from his trusty Panama, adorned with the colours of his boyhood cricket team the Eton Ramblers… why not take a tip from henry and adorn your precious panama with a ribbon of your own choosing too!

Prince Philip Panama Hat

Photo Credit: NonSense /

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh & A Regimental Panama Hat

Always impeccably dressed, Prince Philip "world's most experienced plaque unveiler" is often seen in a Panama, generally at sporting events or anywhere that needs a ribbon cutting. A military man he often dons the Regimental style, it features a narrower brim than other styles.

Winston Churchill Panama Hat

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Winston Churchill

Most photos of Churchill show him wearing a Homburg or Bowler hat, but in warmer climes Churchill would don a Panama. In this photo both Churchill and Roosevelt are wearing them. Roosevelt’s is closer to our Regimental whereas Churchill wears the Snap-Brim, taller and with a more indented crown.

Who would you add to the list?

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